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Here's what we have coming up.

Halton Seedy Saturday

Milton Sports Centre
March 2nd, 10-3pm

Visit our booth and learn about the Canadian crops which form the basis of a healthy plant-based diet.

The Future House

Milton Sports Centre
April 6th, 10:00 – 4pm

Talk to vendors and learn how their green products and services can help reduce your energy bill and your carbon footprint. Heat pumps, solar panels, permeable paving, and more!

Earth Week

April 14-22

Have you seen an area in Milton that needs a clean-up? Let us know!

Join the Garden Club

Summer 2024

We host plenty of gardening events throughout the summer. Stay tuned for our gardening schedule!

Planting & Biodiversity

One big impact of climate change is biodiversity loss. We work to enhance Milton’s biodiversity by planting trees, tending to community gardens, providing homes for bats, and educating the community on native plants. This summer we’ll be piloting hay bale gardening!


trees &


pollinator plants

Environmental Stewardship

We host clean-ups to tackle litter and bring awareness about excess waste. It’s an important part of making Milton a more environmentally responsible place. Volunteers always report a feeling of satisfaction and pride in their contribution!


bags of

Climate Action

We meet with various levels of government to discuss environmental issues and their solutions. Some actions we’ve taken include delegating to Milton council and meeting with each local councillor. Addressing climate change is a pressing issue and we are committed to working with our Councillors to help them meet climate targets.


meetings w/ town officials

Education & Workshops

We host lectures and workshops for the community, schools, and culture groups. Ever had a close-up look at a salamander? Or tracked the sonar of a bat? Guests such as these are often seen at our lectures. Some other topics we cover include backyard composting and how to make healthy snacks. This sharing of knowledge helps people build new skills and understand that we can all implement changes to be more environmentally conscious.


lectures & workshops



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Welcome to the Garden Club!

Garden Club runs from mid-May until final harvest. The Garden Club is open to everyone, including students gaining volunteer hours and adults! Many people do not have the space for a garden of their own, yet know how gardening can nourish the soul.

Vector of a sunflower

Gardening schedule

We have many gardening events throughout the spring, summer and fall. We work the soil, plant, weed, prune, compost and eventually harvest. Our volunteers work at various locations throughout Milton, at various times throughout the week. Email us using the button below to get access to our sign-up sheet.

In Robin Wall Kimmerer’s book, Braiding Sweetgrass, she inspires us to garden and tells us why:

“People often ask me what one thing I would recommend to restore relationship between land and people. My answer is almost always, ‘Plant a garden.’ It’s good for the health of the earth and it’s good for the health of the people. A garden is a nursery for nurturing connection, the soil for cultivation of practical reverence. And its power goes far beyond the garden gate – once you develop a relationship with a little patch of earth, it becomes a seed itself.”

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Sign up to be in the know about upcoming events and a review of last season’s events. We’ll also dive into topics like Earth Day, sustainable gift-giving, and the circular economy.

Become a volunteer!

Our volunteers include people of all ages. It’s an excellent way to make new friends, learn new skills, and experience the value of being part of a team. Volunteering also fulfills the Ministry of Education’s requirements for high school students.

Please fill out or volunteer form and sign the waiver below. If you’re 17 and under, a permission form will be sent to your parent/guardian. Don’t forget to bring your volunteer hours sheet with you!

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