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Join us in making Milton more sustainable!

Become a member of a group of passionate Miltonians dedicated to building a more environmentally responsible town. Participate at the committee level and help shape the direction of our work!

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Being a member shows that you are an active part of the solution.

Environment First

This is the philosophy at the heart of all of our events and activities. It is our chief guiding principle in everything we do. Mitigating the effects of climate change means evaluating many issues through an environmental lens: our government policies, our collective practises, and even our own individual behaviours.

Solution Focused

Help shape the direction of our activities through involvement in direct planning. Participation at the committee level assures that your ideas are always heard, while Membership allows you to vote at our Annual General Meeting and run for a position on our Board.

Sustainable Milton

We strive for a diverse membership that encompasses all cultures and age groups. It is necessary for all of us to work together in enhancing the livability, sustainability, and resilience of our town for now and the future.

“I joined Sustainable Milton because I love learning about ways that our local community is actively implementing strategies to help solve the climate crisis.”

– Ashley Raza
Founder of Green Goals

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“Being a member has allowed me to deepen my knowledge of climate change and of how to build a resilient future for our communities.

I chose to get involved because I want to live in a community where we can thrive for many generations to come. Sustainable Milton has taught me a practical and community-based approach to mitigating the effects of climate change.”

– Zyva Jaffer
Youth Task Force

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“By joining together in local action, members can have more impact than each of us individually. Each member brings a different set of skills and knowledge, and together, that makes a driving force for good.

Throughout my career as an architect, I have looked for ways to reduce the impact of the built environment on the earth, and to work towards a sustainable future. By bringing knowledge and awareness to the community, Sustainable Milton provides a platform for advocacy on issues of sustainability.”

– Marina Huissoon
Director of Green Propeller Design

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    We are a diverse group of people of all ages committed to helping Miltonians live healthy, sustainable lives in this time of climate change. Whether you’re just wanting to do your part and connect with like-minded individuals, or are a student wanting to complete your volunteer hours, we’d love to have you!